Here are some Tips/Tricks/Tactics to help you put more fish in your bucket.

Always carry safety equipment (ice spikes, weighted rope, cell phone in a ziplock, GPS/compass, dry clothes in the vehicle, etc). Fish with a buddy when possible.

  • Keep your hooks sharp.
  • Glow jigs aren't just for low light/nighttime fishing. They can outfish traditional baits on clear sunny days too.
  • Don't fish the larger baits as the target of a panfish’s attention, rather than the large jig is a little fish struggling with a meal that might be easy to steal.
  • When the bite is on, switch to beads, soft plastics, rubber eggs or chicken skin to get you back down faster without rebaiting.
  • Fish minnow parts when the action is slow, the added scent and scales can tempt neutral fish into biting.
  • In areas with gentle current, mudding can be effective in attracting fish to your area by putting out a scent/visual trail.
  • Decoys aren't just for pike. A well-worked decoy can bring in panfish and keep them around longer.
  • Fish edges(weed beds, drop-offs, mud lines, current breaks, shade or shadows, cloudy/clear ice, snow drifts/clear areas, etc)
  • Bounce/lay your bait on the bottom, big perch are scavengers and like an easy meal at times. When fish are there but not hitting, bounce the bait on the bottom to excite them into hitting, making it look like it might get away.
  • Fish Zitz aggressively, 1-2 foot raises and fall back close to bottom and jig. Add a bounce(where possible) on the bottom to trigger neutral fish.
  • Use your favorite loop knot or snap to give your jig a more lively action.
  • A spring bobber can help with light biting fish. Attach a BIC lighter spring with a piece of heat shrink tubing for a cheap, sensitive shallow water rig.
  • Zitz are weighted to float a Thill Mini Stealth bobber perfectly.
  • Another popular mod is to remove stock hook on any of the Zitz family and replace with some jewelery chain a split ring and hook.(Hali type rig)
  • Beads can easily be changed/replaced with a lighter and forceps or pliers.  Soft plastics can also replace a bead.
  • Save extra cases to store a selection of beads for quick change.

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