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Hello everybody. 

I'd like to take a little time to layout my future, as best as I see it as it relates to making jigs.

Without knowing it, all my customers have been the recipients of a "employee discount".  Unfortunately, that came to an end in late June.  That light in the distance really was a train.  Its unlikely that I will be able to produce the quantities that I have in the past.

This situation will leave me much less time to create jigs.  Because I saw it coming, this year will still have new patterns and decent quantities.  I will do the best I can regardless.

I no longer participate in most of the message boards that I was a part of, but still post pics and reports here on the My Fish Pics page.  New reports are posted when I can.

I can always be reached here, but in the off season, responses might be a little slow.

With all the options you have for ice fishing jigs, I'd like to thank you for considering my products. 


This site offers some new colors/patterns and some other helpful features such as: 

Credit cards -  This convenience is now accepted through PayPal.  You don't need a PayPal account to use this service, they only handle the credit card transaction for your security.   Most major credit cards are accepted, as well as other payment options. 

Gift certificates - For that hard to shop for person, the perfect gift.

Customer Login - Manage your account, view your order status & history.

We started making our jigs for ourselves, now we're making them for you!  All of our jigs are painted by hand, one at a time, no airbrushing or stencils.  We feature chip resistant paints and clear coat all of our products to protect the finish.  The back side of each jig is a hammered nickel finish and features Mustad hooks.  No dipping so all jigs arrive ready to fish, no eye chipping with cold hands.

Many of the  glow colors are the second generation day/extended glow finishes.  They may glow in different colors than they look. Off white may glow white, orange, purple, blue, or green.  Glow finishes appear dull because they absorb rather than reflect light.  Daylight (UV) is the best charge for the glow paints. They will charge even on cloudy, rainy/snowy days.

Please click on the jig style of your choice on the left for more colors/patterns. Comparison pictures are available on each product page.

Think Winter!   Be Safe!


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