Lil Minnies

This is a slightly larger and heavier than the Fry jig. 1 1/16" long and 1/4" wide and weighs 13 grains(.03 oz). They feature gold/nickel Mustad #6 Aberdeen light wire hooks for positive hooksets on light line. Our jigs/spoons are chip/scratch resistant and clear coated to protect the finish. The side of the jig not pictured is hammered nickel. All of our products come ready to fish, no annoying eye chipping with cold hands.

When we run out of stock, we will post that a jigs is "sold out" until it can be restocked. When it is gone for the season, the picture will be removed until next year.

This product has multiple pages.

If you fish plastics, be aware that these finishes are not "worm proof".   Casual contact is fine, storage in contact with plastics might ruin the paint job.  Looking into a fix for that.

Product Image Item Name- Price
LM Glow Tiger/Smerch

LM Glow Tiger/Smerch

Glow yellow body, glow orange belly, green glitters, black stripes, orange/black eyespot, hammered 24k gold back side

Max: 3

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